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Many hues of blue

The waters around the island are pristine and amazingly clear. At times aquamarine or azure, they invite you to swim and snorkel.

Paxos has a smaller sibling, Antipaxos, to the south.

Use the private speedboat from Villa Glaros to travel to Antipaxos and discover the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Ionian sea.

Paxos made of rocks and stones

Charming little towns with warm, hospitable people

Take a walk around the town, stopping in at any of the quaint restaurants or caf├ęs.

Fontana Church

Fontana Store

Lakka Meal

Loggos Harbour

Loggos Harbour

Loggos Harbour

Paxos Boat Trip

Paxos Boat Trip West Coast Cliff

Tripitos Arch

Paxos Ortholithos Arch

Paxos West Coast Limestone Cliffs

Wild Flowers

The ancient olive trees are protected, and many are hundreds of years old. The use of pesticides is not allowed on the island.